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Ethiopian Teen Surrenders Life at Local Youth Group

There are about 10,000 Ethiopians in the Middle Tennessee community. Of those 10,000, roughly 1,000 are proclaimed Christians. Similar to other cultures and religions, Orthodox believers can be challenging to engage on gospel conversations and generally do not like to coerce with Ethiopian believers.

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5 Ways to Impact the Nations with the Gospel without Leaving Your City

“But, what if you can’t travel? Whether it’s a health issue, or you can’t get time off from work during this season, or something else, how can you be an active contributor to the spread of the Gospel around the world? Here are 5 ways you can impact the nations with the Gospel, without leaving your city…”

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Youth from Nepal, grew up in a Hindu family, now studying to become medical missionary

Batsa*, a youth from Nepal, grew up in a Hindu family believing in a multiple god system and the worship of nature and idols.  He had no understanding of God’s love, God’s oneness and God’s personal care for him. He only knew that if he didn’t please the gods, they would judge him and his family.  

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