Kurdish Woman finds faith in Jesus Christ


Amal is a woman from Kurdistan who has came to the United States several years ago. She grew up as a nominal Muslim who has had a lot of questions about the devaluing of women in Islam. Since her arrival in the U.S., she has built a relationship with a woman in Nashville, serving in a local church partner of the ILC. As they connected and spent time together through the witness of this woman, she began to discover her worth and value as one born in the image of God and came to discover that Christ loves her, proving his love by dying on the cross for her sins, to free her to become His daughter, loved and blessed by him. As Amal began attending bible study, she learned how to seek the Lord, how to have a relationship with Him and came to saving faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior. Amal believed, trusted Christ to forgive her sins and begin a new journey as a child of God. Through her new found faith and growing journey in Christ, her high school aged daughter saw the transformation in her mom’s life and she too surrendered her life to Christ. They both have now left Islam to say ‘yes’ to Jesus, who loved and died for them. They are now living the abundant life found in Christ, witnessing and testifying to others!

**Name changed to protect identity