Taiwanese College Student Professes Christ after Declaring he's an Atheist

We are a multicultural church in a large college community that is a main source of our outreach as a church. Every year as the Fall semester begins, we participate in an “organization fair” where various community organizations come and set up tables/tents to engage students and invite them to participate. We set up and invite them to our college ministry. Every year, we meet tons of students, have great connections but very few show up to our ministry time during the week. We haven’t seen any salvations or miracles but this year was different…


Recently, Pastor Fady (ILC Executive Director) came and spoke at a Sunday morning gathering and in his teaching he said something that really resonated with me, ”You can do more with less.” This statement stayed with me as we were meeting students this year at the organization fair. We have far less in number of students than in years past show up to our tent. One of those students was a self-proclaiming atheist from Taiwan. He had shared about his family and life there and how he had no knowledge of God.


Because we had “less” this year in number, we were able to spend “more” time with him, sharing the gospel and introducing him to Jesus. It was as if God perfectly timed our encounter with “Leo” and that young college student, came in as an atheist and left as a born-again believer and I’ll begin meeting with him weekly for one-on-one discipleship.

After the fair event, Leo, and actually more students than we’ve ever had in years prior, came to our college ministry night. We’re believing these are first fruits of a greater harvest in our community.

God will always “do more with less.”

-Pastor Mo, Nigeria, His Holy Hill Church

**Pastor Mo has been an active leader and participant in the ILC since 2017.