Middle Eastern Woman Experiences the Miracle of Pregnancy after Prayer in Jesus

Women in the Middle East and Asian countries have little education and are often discriminated against because of their gender. There are no opportunities for them nor is there permission for them to grow and better their lives through the avenues or education or work.


We have been ministering for years to these women, bringing the good news of the gospel and encouraging them in their identity in Christ and future destiny in Him. It’s been powerful to see the transformation in their eyes when they come to realize they’re loved and worth from our great God.

Over the past year, we have been working with Baptist Global Response and the ILC, to secure funds that would enable us to plant and build sewing centers for women in these communities learn how to sew, receive a free sewing machine upon graduation and use these skills to become entrepreneurs back in their villages, all the while sharing the gospel and praying with them. We have planted 3 centers, with 10 students over a 6-week period at a time.

During my last trip there, we prayed for a woman who has had difficulty getting pregnant. Her husband has taken her to doctor after doctor, prayed to their god, trying to resolve the issue of infertility to no avail. It’s brought a lot of shame upon her and her husband. As I laid hands on her during my last time there, I told her that I would pray in Jesus’ name for a baby and that the next time I came, I would be holding her baby in my arms.

Well…this past week, I received a text from one of the sewing center workers…”Hi Sister. If you remember, you were prayed for 2 ladies in December. Jesus healed both of them. One of them has a baby. She’s pregnant.” 

A recent student of the sewing center learns how to use a sewing machine to start her own business back in her home village.

A recent student of the sewing center learns how to use a sewing machine to start her own business back in her home village.

Jesus works with us and confirms His word through signs and wonders. I am so excited to be able to go back later this year, and hold that sweet miracle baby in my arms.

If you would like to donate to the purchase of a sewing machine for one of these ladies, you can do so here. Note “SEWING CENTERS” in the comments. Every woman who graduates our sewing program, receives a free sewing machine as our gift to them. What an incredible way to show them, “Jesus loves you and believes in you.”

-Shelvi, Sri Lanka

**Shelvi has been a leader and participant of the ILC since 2017.