Youth from Nepal, grew up in a Hindu family, now studying to become medical missionary

Batsa*, a youth from Nepal, grew up in a Hindu family believing in a multiple god system and the worship of nature and idols.  He had no understanding of God’s love, God’s oneness and God’s personal care for him. He only knew that if he didn’t please the gods, they would judge him and his family.  


Over the last 2 years, a youth-focused bible study co-lead by an ILC Resident, has been regularly meeting with internationals from all over the world. Meeting in a small apartment where Batsa lived, in a community with a large volume of cultures, the atmosphere of this gathering provided a level of intimacy and depth that he had never experienced in his own religion. He saw many of his classmates and young men his own age attending this gathering regularly and something was different about them.


Batsa, out of curiosity, began attending. He was immediately moved by the love of Christ for Him and chose to continue seeking to understand and learn about this amazing God who wanted a personal relationship with him. He realized this god was alive and desired to be IN his life. It was something he had never heard before or experienced back in his home country, where they worshiped multiple gods.

Soon thereafter, Batsa made the choice to say ‘yes’ to Jesus Christ and was baptized soon after. What an incredible testimony of God pursing the one.

Batsa, now receiving this new relationship, is pursuing an education in ministry and health care to become a missionary for his own beloved country Nepal, where he hopes to reach his own people for Christ. One day, he hopes to return to his nation as a medical doctor, presenting the Gospel in Word and Deed to see many come to Christ and find the eternal life he has found in Christ.

*Named change for security reasons