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We work with international leaders and pastors as well as the local church. In partnership together, we discover those who have a calling to ministry as well as bringing together leaders of all nations for the sake of the gospel. Whether you’re an international with a passion for ministry or actively serving in ministry, we’d invite you to discover the International Leadership Coalition as a community and resource.

If you’re an American in a local church or have a passion for international people groups, we invite you to discover whether the ILC is a fit in helping you further step into your calling.


residency program

The Residency Program is an intensive 15-month leadership training program, aimed at developing the person, the practice and the purpose of you and your ministry. Pastors and leaders with a call for ministry or are currently leading a ministry, will attend weekly trainings, receive mentorship, participate in small groups and engage in ministry applications.


local church partnership

Local American churches, in partnership with the ILC, mentor, coach and assist in training the ILC resident in both personal and public ministry. Through one-on-one mentoring and church-to-church engagement, this relationship with help develop the man or woman in addition to provide ministry support.


ILC candidacy participant

The ILC candidate is an international or American with a passion for ministry amongst the nations. Not currently leading, they are invited to participate in the weekly trainings, have a desire to learn about ministry and leadership and to build community with the ILC family.